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Egyptian Jackson
Mind Job
Prison Way
Pop's Bastard Children
Land of Sheep
No Memento
Those Things

		i'm a little bitch
		in a prison cell
		and when they call lockdown 
		it's lights out, lights out
		i'm a prison bitch
		and life is kinda hard
		cause after a hard day's work
		i get beat up, with a bag over my head
		and leona helmsley hopes from the bottom of her soul
		but she still won't get paroled 
		and to all the little bitches
		lights out, lights out
		lights out, lights out 
		oog, aaaakkk. ahhhaaahahghghahgag
		i fear for my behind
		if you know just what i mean
		cause i run away from broomsticks 
		and encourage vaseline
		and i sincerely hope that i never drop the soap
		i may never take a shower until the day i get paroled