Works in Progress Works In Progress

Written, performed, but not yet recorded.

war of southern aggression
ballad of the underdog
implied threat
broadcast spider
those things
mind job
pop's bastard children
prison way
no memento
land of sheep
egyptian jackson

Fire Up the Tribe Fire Up the Tribe

Recorded at Third Studio from the Sun and awaiting release since.

1. mission
2. cafeteria
3. broken
4. double d
5. calypsopunk

Not Yet But Soon Not Yet But Soon

The second full-length album recorded during intermittent sessions at a studio in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.

1. pretend
2. dirty thoughts
3. get some
4. dripping
5. umbrella
6. grandma
7. beyond partial
8. a-day

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Butter Children Butter Children

The album that started it all.

Side 1

1. madam
2. three shades
3. starving
4. at least emily
5. tickling mtc

Side 2

6. cloud room
7. meshuginuh
8. u-turn
9. ehter's july