Friends & Collaborators

Stacy Williams - designer

Besides Serge's happiness, Stacy's contributions include the 3F logo, live and studio photography, clothing worn by band members, and even occasional vocals.

AES-THE-TIK - Stacy's own designer clothing and art gallery

Amanda Klimek - former bassist

Amanda's considerable bass skills were in 3F's service for several years before Serge joined the band. These days Amanda owns the low end for her own band, recently signed to Fidelity Records.

The Escape Engine - Amanda's band

Travis Korczak - future remixer

We've been meaning to submit material to Travis for remixing, but have yet to do so. But damn it we'll get to it one day! Travis and his partner Chris do excellent work in both original experimental electronic music, and remixing, which they have done for several artists.

Vektor 7 - Travis and Chris's projects